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The Huyang tree, also known as the populus euphratica, is the only tree species known to be able to survive the extreme conditions of the desert. It is dubbed desert hero or hero tree in China for its amazing ability to endure severe cold, wind, drought, sandstorms, and salinity. Many centuries ago, the Huyang tree was found in much of western China and other areas in Central Asia. Today,  the great majority of the Huyang tree are found in the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang.

The Jinhuyang National Forest Park in Xinjiang has a variety of vegetation types, stretching 489 hectares of natural forest, with a total of 27 families, 39 genera and 51 species of plants growing. It is home to many kinds of wild and rare animals also, including hoopoe, saker, as well as alcedo atthis bengalensis.[Photo/IC]

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