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Edible intangible cultural heritages in Tai'an

Tai'an, with its time-honored history and profound cultural deposits, possesses a variety of valuable intangible cultural heritages, of which some are edible, reflecting the city's traditional food culture.

Three Delicacies of Tai'an

Three Delicacies of Tai'an, a famous dish in Tai'an, Shandong province, is made of Chinese cabbage, tofu, and Mount Tai spring water.

Taishan Mushroom Banquet

Taishan mushroom banquet, using  selected materials of Taishan red scaly fish, Taishan tofu, Taishan cabbage and four treasures, is cooked with traditional cooking method.

Dongping Pickled Fish

Dongping pickled fish is a traditional well-known dish which originated from the town of Zhoucheng. It smells fragrant without fish-odor and tastes greasy but not too fatty.

Taishan Red Scale Fish

The taishan red scale fish is kind of super fish only produced in tai shan. It can be cooked into nearly 20 kinds of dishes well-known both at home and abroad.

Taishan Red Herring

Taishan red herring, also known as Lilin fish, stone scale fish, shilin fish and the striped fish, is found in Mount Tai stream trickle.

Sugar Figures

Making sugar figures is an old profession in Tai'an. Small and toy-like, they are actually remarkable pieces of art, made by hand from a liquid type of malt sugar known as maltose.

Dongping Lake Preserved Egg

The Dongping Lake preserved eggs are famous for its big size, unique flavor and rich nutrition. Easy to peel, the egg white is semi-transparent and elastic and looks like amber while the egg shell is decorated with beautiful pine-needle patterns.

Dongping Porridge

The Dongping porridge has a history of 330 years, and is cooked with the paste of ground soy bean and millet. The porridge looks like soy paste, but flows like water, and tastes smooth, soothing and refreshing.

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