Dongping Pickled Fish

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Dongping pickled fish, 东平糟鱼, Dong Ping Zao Yu

Dongping pickled fish is a traditional well-known dish which originated from the town of Zhoucheng. According to historical records and legends, it dates from the year of 1695 and has gone through more than 300 years. In Zhoucheng’s history, several families: Nie, Xie, Zhao, Wang, etc. are famous for making pickled fish, among whom the Nie family is commonly believed to be the best among them. Well-cooked pickled fish keeps its body complete with soft meat and tender bones. It smells fragrant without fish-odor and tastes greasy but not too fatty. Thus, the inexpensive delicacy is particularly popular among ordinary people, especially those who did physical labor or small businesses in the past. 


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