What is your next travel destination? Here are 22 scenic areas newly added to the List of 5A Scenic Areas to consider as options. Interested in seeing an obscure ancient river town nestled in the southwestern rolling mountains, or exploring mysterious pyramid stone tombs of the Koguryo Kingdom built more than 14 centuries ago? And what do you expect it’s like where the Yellow River joins the Bohai Sea? Join us to explore diverse landscapes, from the Pamir Highland to the northeastern boundary river of Ussuri, and from UNESCO's subtropical biosphere reserve and the sophisticated waterscapes of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River to the eroded red stone cliffs of the wild northwestern hinterland all over China’s vast territory.
Yuanmingyuan Scenic Area, Beijing
Western Qing Tombs, Hebei province
The Eight Springs Gorge of Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Shanxi province
Alshaa League Poplar Forest Scenic Area, Inner Mongolia autonomous region
Red Beach National Scenic Corridor, Liaoning province
Koguryo Kingdom Relics Park scenic area, Jilin province
Zhenyuan Ancient Town Scenic Area, Guizhou province
Huishan Ancient Town Scenic Area, Jiangsu province
Xiandu Scenic Area, Zhejiang province
Wugong Mountain Scenic Area, Jiangxi province
The Yellow River Estuary Ecological Scenic Area, Shandong province
Bailigou Scenic Area, Henan province
Gulongzhong Scenic Area, Hubei province
Scenic Area of Emperor Yan's Mausoleum, Hunan province
Xinghu Scenic Area, Guangdong province
Qicai Danxia Scenic Area, Gansu province
Ayi River Scenic Area, Chongqing
Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area, Sichuan province
Yan'an Revolutionary Heritage Site, Shaanxi province
Pamir Tourism Area, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region
Baise Uprising Memorial Park Scenic Area, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region
Hutou Tourism Scenic Area, Heilongjiang province
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