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Former Sichuan soldier transforms barren lands into thriving apricot forests

Updated: Aug 31, 2023 By Li Hongyang Print
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Luo Bin. [Photo provided to]

A retired soldier from Sichuan province, Luo Bin, has embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey in Qinghai province. What began as a vision in 2011 has culminated in the establishment of a successful agriculture and forestry technology company, earning him accolades as a model for profitable forestry ventures.

Luo's transformational journey took a leap forward in 2018 when he and his dedicated team initiated the cultivation of apricot trees. Over the span of several years, they managed to convert more than 253 hectares of previously barren land into thriving apricot economic forests nestled within the picturesque mountainous region of Haidong city, Qinghai province.

Drawing inspiration from his experience serving in the air force, the 43-year-old Luo cited dedication and persistence as fundamental principles he carried into his entrepreneurial endeavor. He stated, "Over more than a decade, I set my mind on turning the barren land into green."

The journey's early stages involved years of intensive research and development. Between 2011 and 2017, Luo's team collaborated closely with experts from Qinghai University to cultivate apricot seedlings capable of flourishing in the region's harsh, salty, and cold climate.

Significant strides were made under the guidance of a technology service team from the National Forestry and Grassland Administration. This year, the apricot harvest yielded thousands of kilograms, a testament to their unwavering dedication and the successful implementation of advanced techniques.

Their triumphant efforts not only revitalized the once-desolate landscape but also garnered them prestigious recognition. Luo and his team have been hailed as a provincial-level leading company within the forestry industry. Furthermore, their accomplishments have earned them the distinction of a national demonstration base for forest-based economy, solidifying their position as pioneers in sustainable land development.

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