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Updated: May 23, 2022 Print
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Nationality: Kazakhstan

University: Xinjiang University

Location: Xinjiang

[Photo provided to]

I took this photo from the window of my dorm room. Spending a lot of time in the room, my favorite place was the window. Every season I watched changes in nature from the window, and every day I watched changes in the weather. In spring, changes are observed not only in nature, but also in the sky: the sun shines brighter, the clouds take on a new look and even the color of the sky changes. So, I have a lot of photos taken in the spring.

The first thing that attracts the attention of this photo is the sunset. The sunset has an extraordinary attracting magic. I am one of those people who cannot pass by without capturing the sunset. All nature in the sunset rays is miraculously transformed. Sunsets are especially beautiful in spring.

And what beautiful clouds accompany the sunset, it feels like they're following the sun. You can peer into the clouds for hours and look for new and new shapes. Looking at the clouds in this photo, I see a large dragon with outstretched wings. That is why this photo penetrates into all corners of the soul. The pagoda and the dragon flying behind it symbolize great China and make you proud of the opportunity to study and live here.

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