Customs clearance guide of 7 land ports in Shenzhen

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Luohu Port


Luohu Port

The Luohu Port is located on the south side of Luohu Commercial Center in Shenzhen. It is separated from the New Territories in Hong Kong by a river. Shenzhen and Hong Kong are connected by a double-decked footbridge and a railway bridge. Luohu Port was one of only two land ports in Shenzhen before reform and opening-up started in 1978.

The Inspection Building was completed on June 14, 1985. It covers 9,106 square meters. The main building is 12 stories high and the construction area is 70,623 square meters. The underground B floor and the first floor of the building are the entry inspection sites, with a construction area of 18,107 square meters. The second and third floors are the exit inspection sites with a construction area of 17,558 square meters.

There are 187 immigration clearance channels at the port, including 108 manual inspection channels and 79 self-checking channels. The port design capacity is 400,000 person-times per day.

Opening hours: 6:30 am -12 pm

Address: South Renmin Rd, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Special service: The border inspection department of Luohu Port has a blue reminder line. Once the passengers line up beyond the blue line, Luohu border inspection will immediately open more inspection channels.

Note: Long queues, especially during the tourist season, holidays, weekends.

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