Guilin rice noodles (桂林米粉/Guilin Mifen)

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The dish of Guilin rice noodles is a famous traditional snack with a long history in Guangxi's Guilin area. 

Good Guilin rice noodles require good ingredients. First, grind good-quality rice into pulp, then put it into a filtering bag to let it dry. After that, shape it into a ball and boil it in a pot. And then, press the cooked rice into round noodles or flake noodles. The round ones are called rice noodles by locals, while the flake ones are called cut noodles. But you can call both of them rice noodles, as they are both white, tender, soft and refreshing. The cooking philosophy of the soup of rice noodles varies from home to home, though the locals basically cook it with pork and beef bones, or fruit of Grosvenor momordica. The flavor of rice noodles varies with the different soups. The flavors of the rice noodles can be basically classified into raw-vegetable rice noodles, beef brisket rice noodles, three-delicacy rice noodles, original-soup rice noodles, cooked-vegetables rice noodles, sour and spicy rice noodles, horse-meat rice noodles, and danzi noodles.

Guilin is a geographical trademark for the rice noodles.


Guilin rice noodles [Photo/VCG]

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