Golden Coast in Guangdong Province

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Nan'ao Island

Nan'ao Island has a mild climate all year round, boasting warm winters, cool summers, and plenty of sunshine. Its annual average temperature is 21.5 C, the annual average sunshine is 2325.3 hours, and the average annual rainfall is 1348.4 millimeters.

Nan'ao Island has rich natural resources. A total of 66 large and small bays stand along the 77-kilometer-long coastline, among which seven bays can build 10,000-ton berth terminals. It also possesses well prereserved island scenery. The island has more than 2 million square meters of beach space for development and tourism, including Qing’ao Bay Tourism Resort, Wuyu Nature Reserve, Huanghua Mountain National Forest Park, and the largest wind farm in Asia. More than 50 cultural relics and historic sites have been discovered on the island. In addition, the island contains rich aquatic resources. More than 700 species of fish, more than 40 species of shrimps and crabs, more than 500 species of shellfish, and nearly 100 species of algae have been identified.

Address: Nan'ao County, Shantou, Guangdong Province


Shantou Nan'ao Island [Photo/]

Xunliao Bay

Xunliao Bay is located in the southwest corner of the Renping Peninsula in Huidong county and in the eastern part of Daya Bay. It has a coastline of 27 kilometers and a total area of 105 square kilometers. The clear sea is surrounded by strange reefs and rocks. Xunliao Bay is famous for its rare stones, clean water, and white sand. It was been given numerous honorifics, such as "Animal Stone Park," "Green Jade," and "Oriental Hawaii." There are seven mountains, eight bays, and eighteen scenic spots along the twisted coastline.

Address: Pingshan Town, Huidong County, Huizhou, Guangdong Province


Huidong Xunliao Bay [Photo/]

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