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Yang Cheng Tong, literally "Ram City Pass", is a form of electronic ticketing under the intellectual transportation system used on public transports services such as buses, taxis, metro and ferries within Guangzhou. It can also be used to make payments in convenience stores including Circle K and 7-Eleven. 

  • Types of cards: 

Standard card: Contains 20 yuan ($2.92) refundable deposit; recharges paid in 50 yuan or its multiples; Customers can purchase it at the Yang Cheng Tong Customer Service Centers, the ticket booths at the subway stations, the 7-Eleven and Circle K chain convenience stores and some Family Mart convenience stores. A Standard card is sold for 70 yuan (20 yuan refundable deposit and 50 yuan worth of credit).


Registered Card: A registered Yang Cheng Tong card is bound with personal identity information, and users can report the loss of the card. Since March 1, 2017 registered cards are issued at 18 yuan per piece, and customers can use their ID cards to purchase it at Yang Cheng Tong Customer Service Centers (Chinese residents only).


Memorial card: Deposit is not required for memorial cards and the cards cannot be refunded. The cards are rechargeable and are accepted for payment at public transports and other service providers.


  • To Use Yang Cheng Tong

Yang Cheng Tong cards can be used at more than 22,000 buses and bus service for residential communities within ten districts and two county-level cities of Guangzhou and buses in the city of Foshan.

Swipe your Yang Cheng Tong card from up to 10 centimeters away from the reader target for at least half a second or until a single beep sounds on the reader to make a payment.

Short beeps will sound if your card does not validate successfully and either of the two error messages will appear on the display screen - "Fare deducted. Please move your card away from the reader." "Deduction failure, please recharge your card." (Preferential policies of different regions are not to be offered accumulatively. Travelers with Yang Cheng Tong cards and Foshan Tong may enjoy either the preferential policy of Guangzhou and Foshan depending on the place of use.) 

Ferries: You validate your Yang Cheng Tong by holding the card within 10 centimeters of the reader target for at least half a second or until a single beep sounds on the reader. 

Metro: Travelers touch the card on the reader to open the automated barriers and get through when a green light flashes.

Taxis: Taxis with Yang Cheng Tong sign pasted on the rear window. Fare and transaction time are displayed on the screen. Passengers touch the card on the reader which will acknowledge payment by emitting a beep sound and display the amount deducted and the remaining balance of the card.Short beeps indicate transaction failure. In which case, please follow the instruction of the drivers and swipe the card again. In case balance is not enough to process the payment, the error message of "Insufficient balance. Please pay cash fares" will be displayed on the screen.

Car Parks: Car parks with Yang Cheng Tong sign plate.
1) Barrier gate: Users swipe the card into a slot to set a timer. Touch the card on the reader again when you leave and the fare will be automatically deducted.
2) Cashier: Users touch the card on the reader which will automatically acknowledge payment and display the amount deducted and the remaining balance of the card. In case balance is insufficient to process the payment, please pay cash fares and value needs to be added to them again for use.
Users may refuse payment in case taxation invoice is not issued properly.

Convenience stores and public facilities: The Yang Cheng Tong is widely used for payment at convenience stores, supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and food markets. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and libraries in Guangzhou also accept Yang Cheng Tong for payment for registration fees and overdue fine. The cards are applied by companies and institutes for payment at canteens and for entrance guard management and work attendance record.Merchants and institutes may paste Yang Cheng Tong signs to indicate the acceptance of the card use. Users touch the card on the reader for only 0.3 second to complete transaction.

Other services: The Yang Cheng Tong is also applied by companies and residential communities as a staff card or membership card for identity and entrance management, work attendance record and patrol duty control. Each card is attached with a unique and unalterable electronic serial number, which supports the correctness of identity.

These non-open-ended upgrade services are authorized by the Yang Cheng Tong Co., Ltd. and developed from the Yang Cheng Tong system.

The previous Yangchengtong card has been upgraded. Now, Yangchengtong card can be used to pay for bus tickets in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Shanwei, Huizhou, Maoming, Shaoguan, Yunfu, Zhuhai, Heyuan, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang, Meizhou, Qingyuan, Chaozhou, Zhongshan, Shantou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao. 

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