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As for any test required to offer a photo, the preparation and use of photo shall be made according to the following requirements:

Requirements of Photo Pattern:

Recent bareheaded photo with white background

Black-white photo or color photo

Showing the front face of test taker clearly

Showing the head and the upper part of shoulder of the test taker

If the test taker provides the electronic photo:

Specifications of electronic photo file:


File size: below 100KB

Upload of electronic photo:

After logging on the registration website, the test taker may upload the electronic photo according to the instructions, then the photo can be shown on the test taker’s test admission ticket and the relevant certificate possibly obtained after the test. The test taker who uploads the electronic photo need not prepare the paper photo.

If the test taker provides the paper photo:

Specifications of paper photo:

Quantity: 2

-Size: 40mm×30mm (standard 2-inch)

-On the back of the photo the following information shall be indicated: Test taker’s name, test center code and test taker's sequence number.

The test taker who fails to provide the electronic photo should prepare two paper photos according to the above requirements. One photo should be affixed at the correct place of the test admission ticket after the test taker gets or prints his/her test entry card, and the other should be submitted to the proctor responsible for identity inspection when the test taker enters the test room on the test date.

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