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Xiangshan Economic Development Zone

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Chengdong Industrial Zone

Chengdong Industrial Zone in the east of downtown Xiangchan County has a planned area of 14.9 sq km. Since the start of construction in 2005, the zone has developed a leading industrial system with energy equipment material industry, marine bio-industry and fine chemical industry as the leading sectors, as well as an incubation base for small and medium-sized science and technology (S&T) enterprises.



Industrial Demonstration Zone

Starting construction in 1992, the Industrial Demonstration Park is located southwest of the downtown area of Xiangshan County and has a planned area of 5.64 sq km. It is equipped with complete urban facilities as well as life facilities such as commercial streets, residential communities, business hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Industrial Demonstration Park is a traditional industries cluster of knitting garments, auto parts and traditional mechanical and electrical industries. Leading enterprises, such as Ningbo Jeagle Knitting Co Ltd, Ningbo Heli Mould Technology Co Ltd, Sunrise Group and NingBo Broad Telecommunication Co Ltd promote the development of traditional industries.



South Hi-tech Enterprise Zone

South Hi-tech Enterprise Zone in southern part of downtown Xiangcheng has a regulatory planned area of 3.47 sq km. The zone is constructing Xiangshan motor city, an incubation base for micro-sized companies, and accumulating new material industries, environmentally friendly new industries and a service sector. The zone has attracted a series of emerging companies such as Zhongsheng Audi, Qinbang New Materials and Cloud Internet.

Seashore Industrial Zone

Seashore Industrial Park was established in 2005, with a regulatory planned area of 5.21 sq km. The park mainly develops traditional manufacturing industries from the Industrial Demonstration Zone, new energy equipment, medical equipment and advanced manufacturing. It aims to improve traditional industry and promote newly emerging industries and to build an ecological manufacturing base with distinct features. 

Renyitu Area

Renyitu area has a regulatory planned area of 3.3 sq km and plans to invest 500 million yuan on infrastructure. The dominant industries will be leading scientific ones aiming to build a new materials and new equipment manufacturing base.

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