Marine economy

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Guangdong spares no efforts to tap the potential of marine economy, enhance the protection of marine resources and environment, and maximize the exploitation and utilization of marine space resources.

Optimization of the layout of ocean exploitation 

Guangdong is speeding up the development of the optimized development zone of marine economy in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region as well as the key development area of marine economy in east and west Guangdong. The province also actively engages itself in developing three marine economic cooperation circles represented by Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao, Guangdong-Fujian, and Guangdong-Guangxi-Hainan. Centering on the "Six Bays and One Peninsula", namely, the Pearl River Estuary Bay Rim, the Daya Bay Rim, the Greater Guanghai Bay Area, the Greater Shantou Bay Area, the Greater Honghai Bay Area, the Greater Hailing Bay Area and the Leizhou Peninsula, Guangdong continues to optimize its marine space zoning plan and build beautiful bay areas.

Establishing modern marine industry system 

Guangdong is optimizing and upgrading its traditional marine industries with certain advantages, including marine fisheries, marine transportation, marine ships, while cultivating and expanding marine bio-pharmaceuticals, marine engineering equipment manufacturing, comprehensive utilization of sea water and other emerging industries. The development of high-end industries in harbor areas including petrochemicals and energy is intensified, and marine service industries such as port logistics, coastal tourism, and marine information services are developing at a higher speed.

A Regional Layout for Key Industries of Marine Economy in Guangdong Province


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