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Shangyu Economic Development Zone

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Overview of Shangyu Economic Development Zone(上虞经济开发区)

Shangyu is located in the northeast of Zhejiang, 62 kilometers to the west of Ningbo, and 70 kilometers to the east of Hangzhou. Hangzhou Bay separates Shangyu and Shanghai, and Shangyu Economic Development Zone (SEDZ) lies within the thriving Shanghai economic circle. 

SEDZ covers an area of 1,427 square kilometers with a population of 780,000. Established in Oct 1992, SEDZ was elevated to provincial level economic development zone in Nov 1993, approved by the government of Zhejiang province. SEDZ has been fully equipped with infrastructures to provide a sound environment for various investments and projects. Now, more than 350 industrial enterprises have settled down here, 160 of which are invested by 12 foreign countries and regions. Total investment in the zone is 10 billion yuan ($1,498 million). So far the total foreign capital invested has reached $270 million, and industry sales have exceeded 7.9 billion yuan ($1,184 million). A 2-square-kilometer living area has been established, housing about 50,000 residents.

SEDZ is separated from the city of Shangyu by a river, over which eight bridges have been built. The zone is centered among five large-sized cities, including Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou. It is 62 kilometers away from Ningbo, 70 kilometers from Hangzhou, 220 kilometers from both Shanghai and Suzhou, and 250 kilometers from Wenzhou. The construction of Hangzhou Bay Bridge has shortened the distance between Shangyu and Shanghai by 90 kilometers. 


Natural environment

1. Geology

SEDZ nestles on a plain with a nominal ground height of 5.2 meters above sea level. Soil texture of stratum is sub-clay with a ground bearing capacity of 8t/m2.

2. Condition of construction plot

Nominal ground height is 5.2 meters. The difference between the nominal height of the zone and roads is about 0.8 meter. Building coverage percentage is less than 40 percent.

3. Quality of Atmosphere

SEDZ has a satisfying atmosphere, and meets the first-grade standard of GB309582, namely the "Quality Standard of Environmental Protection of Atmosphere".

4. Climate

SEDZ is located at the brim of the north subtropical zone, and experiences East Asian monsoons. It is subject to an ocean climate with four distinct seasons, abundant rain, sufficient sunshine and moderate temperatures (average annual temperature is 16.4 C). The average annual frost-free period is 251 days, annual sunlight is 3,000 hours, and the relative humidity is 75 percent.


Highways: The Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway and the Shanghai-Sanmen Highway pass Shangyu. The Shangyu exits of these two highways are two kilometers apart. No 329 and No 104 National Highways traverse SEDZ. The international container transfer station and Shangyu long-distance bus station are located inside the zone.

Railways: The Xiaoshan-Ningbo Railway runs through SEDZ. A second-grade station for both passengers and goods is located in the central area of SEDZ with a daily passenger transfer capacity of 1,500 and an annual freight capacity of 1.35million tons.

Airlift: It only takes 40 minutes to drive from SEDZ to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Ningbo International Airport, and it only takes 150 minutes to go Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Water Carriage: SEDZ is only 15 kilometers away from the 5,000-tonnage Shangyu Port, 200 kilometers away from Shanghai Port, and 60 kilometers away from Ningbo Port. The 500-tonnage Hangzhou-Ningbo Canal runs through SEDZ.

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