Wu Family smoked meat (吴家熏肉/Wujia Xunrou)

Wu Family smoked meat is a traditional dish, which boasts a history dating back nearly 100 years, in Linfen, Shanxi province.

Knife-cut noodles (山西刀削面/Dao Xiao Mian)

Shanxi daoxiao noodles or knife-cut noodles are one of the most beloved examples of street food in China.

Fried boiled pork (过油肉/Guo You Rou)

Fried boiled pork is the most famous of traditional Shanxi cuisine.

Taiyuan medicinal soup (头脑/Tounao)

Tounao is a medicinal soup from Taiyuan made of mutton and seven herbal medicines.

Pingyao beef (平遥牛肉/Pingyao Niurou)

Pingyao county beef has whet many an appetite with its tender texture and rosy color.

Renyili steamed dumplings (认一力羊肉蒸饺/Renyili Yangrou Zhenjiao)

Renyili steamed dumplings contain minced beef and mutton, and are especially tasty mixed with Shanxi mature vinegar.

Fried cake (油糕/Yougao)

Fried cakes with sweet fillings, like bean or date paste, are quite popular in Jinzhong city.

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