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Camel beauty pageants, events wow visitors in Ejine Banner

Updated: Apr 30, 2024 Print
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The camel events kick off with great gusto in Ejine Banner, Alshaa League. [Photo/Ejine Banner Convergence Media Center]

Ejine Banner's 2024 series of camel cultural tourism events delighted and wowed visitors with a series of fun, exciting and quirky activities in Alshaa League, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on April 25-28.

The Beautiful Mother Camel contest and Most Adorable Camel Calf selection in particular drew numerous admirers – showing off the exquisite skills and rich cultural heritage of camel herders through activities like camel shearing, milking and rope making.

The exciting competitions attracted participants and wowed spectators alike.

Tourist Cheng Lin, from Zhangye in Gansu province, was thrilled by the spectacle. "The Mongolian folk culture has brought us a visual feast," Cheng enthused. "I hope that through my camera lens more people will come to Ejine Banner to experience its folk culture," the visitor added.

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A camel is led away during one of the events. [Photo/Ejine Banner Convergence Media Center]

The events encompassed a diverse range of traditional camel projects, with enthusiastic participation from participants in the surrounding areas.

Over the years, Ejine Banner has leveraged its unique tourism resources to promote its camel culture and to drive the vigorous development of the camel industry.

Through various initiatives, camel breeding has been deeply integrated with tourism, offering visitors unforgettable experiences. Today, Ejine Banner stands as a hub for the inheritance and promotion of camel culture.

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