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Spring retreats in Alshaa: Multiple A-level tourist attractions offer free admission

Updated: Apr 1, 2024 Print
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The Tengger Desert Swan Lake Ecotourism Area. [Photo/Alshaa League Convergence Media Center]

Alshaa League in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region is welcoming spring by introducing free admissions to five new A-level tourist attractions from April 1 to 30.

Currently, 12 A-level scenic spots in Alshaa League are offering free entry to tourist and locals alike.

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The Badain Jaran Desert. [Photo/Alshaa League Convergence Media Center]

The attractions that have recently implemented free entry are all rated as 4A-level scenic spots that showcase the region's diverse beauty.

Visitors can explore the Tengger Desert Swan Lake Ecotourism Area in Alshaa Left Banner, the Tengger Dalai Moon Lake Desert Ecotourism Area in Alshaa League, the Ceke Port International Cultural Tourism Area, the Tonghu Grassland Tourism Area, and the Badain Jaran Desert Scenic Area in Alshaa Right Banner without having to worry about entrance fees during this time period.

This initiative aims to promote tourism and encourage more people to experience Alshaa's natural and cultural wonders, making it an enticing destination for spring outings and exploration.

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