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Nature, art, and rural life celebrated at floral exhibition in Haikou

Updated: Feb 5, 2024 By CHEN BOWEN Print
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The Bougainvillea Shared Farm came alive on Sunday at the start of the 2024 Haikou Bougainvillea Exhibition in the Qiongshan district of Haikou, South China's Hainan province. Visitors have a chance to witness the floral spectacle through April 21.

The exhibition invites visitors to revel in the enchanting synergy of art, nature, and rural life. It is a celebration of the playful and vibrant energy that infuses the countryside, offering visitors a glimpse of the joy and fulfillment that rural vitality brings to the local community, according to the organizing committee.

Wu Linqiao, the exhibition's organizing committee representative and the head of Bougainvillea Shared Farm, unveiled the multiple attractions that await visitors at this year's exhibition.

With 156 varieties of bougainvillea flourishing on the shared farm, the exhibition promises to be a sensory feast. Visitors can explore seven exhibition areas, nine influencer gathering spots, and 11 functional guarantee areas. From the immersive ambience of the garden glamping experience to the lively night scene brimming with leisure and entertainment, there are many delights to savor and enjoy.

"The bougainvillea, a precious natural treasure of Hainan, stands as a testament to the island's unique floral magnificence, captivating the hearts of those who encounter its vibrant blooms. Revered for its kaleidoscopic hues and opulent foliage, the bougainvillea stands as a symbol of life's vitality and the promise of hope, embodying the indefatigable and undaunted spirit of the people of Hainan," said Zhang Xintai from Haikou's forestry bureau.

"The decision to host the flower exhibition signifies our efforts to introduce more individuals to the enchanting allure of the bougainvillea, fostering a deep and abiding affection for this plant. By cultivating greater awareness and appreciation for the bougainvillea, the exhibition aims to stimulate a burgeoning market for bougainvillea consumption, thereby contributing to the robust prosperity and growth of Hainan's bougainvillea market," he added.


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