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Maoming's grain production hits 11-year high in 2023

Updated: Jan 23, 2024 Print
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In 2023, the planting area of grain crops in Maoming city reached 251,260 hectares, an increase of 100.5 hectares compared to the previous year.

The main grain crops in Maoming include rice, corn, and tubers. Due to the favorable market prices for miscellaneous grains such as corn and sweet potatoes, grain growers reduced rice planting and increased the cultivation of economically beneficial miscellaneous grains. 

As a result, the area for rice cultivation decreased while the planting areas for corn, soybeans, and tubers increased. The annual grain yield was 406.5 kilograms per mu (1 mu≈0.0667 hectare), slightly decreasing but with overall stability.


Maoming's rice. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]

In 2023, Maoming's grain output reached 1.53 million metric tons, an increase of 331 tons compared to the previous year. Despite the impact of reduced late-season rice production, the autumn harvest grain output decreased slightly, but the spring and summer harvest grain output both increased.

In 2023, the Maoming government intensified its support for farmers with favorable agricultural policies, including implementing planting subsidies and policy-oriented agricultural insurance to reduce agricultural production risks and boost farmers' confidence in grain cultivation.

Furthermore, Maoming accelerated the transfer of rural contracted land management rights, continued to promote the reclamation of fallow arable land, and raised the construction standards and quality of farmland. It also focused on enhancing the mechanization level of grain production.


Maoming's farmland. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]

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