Shanxi issues construction plan for Yellow River National Cultural Park

Updated: Jan 3, 2024 Print
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Shanxi province recently released its construction and protection plan for the Yellow River National Cultural Park, aiming to complete these construction tasks by 2025.

The core area of the park includes 86 counties where the main stream and tributaries of the Yellow River flow through Shanxi; the expansion area of the project includes 31 other counties closely related to the Yellow River culture.

The plan clarifies that Shanxi will build a general spatial layout of the park that involves "two corridors, three belts, and multiple zones."

The "two corridors" refer to the two core corridors of the Yellow River National Cultural Park in Shanxi, which will be built based on the Yellow River Highway along the main stream of the Yellow River and the Datong-Yuncheng Highway to Taiyuan-Jiaozuo High-speed Railway. 

The "three belts" refer to the cultural space links connected by the Fenhe River Cultural Heritage Belt, the Qinhe River Cultural Heritage Belt, and the Taihang Cultural Correlation Belt. 

The "multiple zones" mean that Shanxi will create 13 themed areas based on cultural significance, cultural integrity, industrial aggregation, and landscape continuity.

Shanxi will also designate control and protection zones, focusing on important natural resources, cultural heritage, and historical and cultural spaces in the Yellow River basin. Themed exhibition areas will be created, closely related to the cultural heritage of the Yellow River, including the construction of 23 core exhibition parks, 10 concentrated exhibition belts, and several characteristic exhibition sites.


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