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Maoming makes progress in transportation greening efforts

Updated: Sep 4, 2023 Print
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In order to promote the improvement of transportation greening efforts, the Maoming municipal transportation bureau has issued a number of documents this year and organized relevant units to implement work measures.

By the end of last year, the total operational railway mileage in the city was 357.34 kilometers, with 276.04 km of that considered "greenable". Of that, 275.91 km or 99.9 percent, ultimately underwent greening efforts.

The total mileage of highways was 452.11 km, all of which was classified as greenable and all of which underwent greening efforts.

The total mileage of national and provincial highways was 1988.5 km, with a greenable mileage of 1988.5 km. The greened mileage was 1852.1 km, a greening rate of 93.14 percent.

Subsequent work will focus on national and provincial trunk roads as well as important traffic sections, coordinating the greening and replanting efforts in various regions.

So far, Maoming has completed the tasks of adding and replanting green plants along the roads this year. 


The roads in Maoming have abundant greenery. [Photo/ WeChat account: longyanzb]

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