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Mediation sorts Taiwan compatriots' legal affairs

Updated: Sep 1, 2023 By Hu Meidong in Fuzhou and Zhang Xiaomin China Daily Print
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A mediation room for Taiwan compatriots' procuratorial affairs was recently established in Fuzhou, Fujian province, and 15 Taiwan compatriots were appointed as liaison officers to assist in handling procuratorial affairs, mediating disputes and providing judicial assistance.

"This is an important measure to bridge the communication and contact between the procuratorial organs and Taiwan compatriots and enterprises," Wang Hua, chief prosecutor of the People's Procuratorate in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, said at the unveiling and appointment ceremony on July 14.

"It is also an important practice for the procuratorial organs to explore a new way to achieve cross-Strait integrated development in the judicial field," she said.

The mediation room will promptly investigate and assist in the lawful settlement of disputes involving Taiwan compatriots and enterprises, assist procurators in conducting research on cross-Strait procuratorial practices, and maintain close contact and communication with Taiwan compatriots and enterprises to provide efficient and convenient judicial services for them.

The procuratorial liaison officers will also assist in legal interpretation, promoting the rule of law related to cross-Strait affairs, theoretical research, as well as providing feedback on the opinions and suggestions of Taiwan compatriots and enterprises in a timely manner, and providing more efficient, convenient and approachable procuratorial services.

"The Pingtan procuratorate will continue to leverage its geographical advantage of being close to Taiwan and contribute to the deepening of the common homeland for cross-Strait compatriots," said Wang.

The newly appointed procuratorial liaison officers said they will work together with more compatriots from Taiwan, nurturing their businesses and roots in Pingtan, and promoting that "people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are one family".

"The cross-Strait service brand created by the Pingtan Procuratorate has formed a good brand effect, allowing Taiwan compatriots and enterprises to truly feel that wherever they start their businesses, the procuratorial services will follow and back them up," said Liu Aiyin, a deputy to the National People's Congress, during the unveiling and appointment ceremony.

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