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Erdos Opera and Dance Drama Ensemble

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The Erdos Opera and Dance Drama Ensemble was set up in 1950. In recent years, the ensemble has staged a lot of prize-winning song and dance performances in both local and national level art competitions. In 1992, the large-scale ethnic dance "Linji Dema" won the Excellent Program Award in a nationwide dance contest, the Wenhua Artistic Creation Award and was named as one of the nominees of 20th century Chinese Classical Dances. The song and dance performance "Erdos Wedding Ceremony won the Splendid Artist Creation Award of the nationwide Ethnic Performance Competition. The solo performance "Chopsticks Dance scooped the Excellent program Award in the national Caravan Art Troupe Gala performances. The solo performance "Flying High" won the National Dance Creation Award and the Top Performance Award. The duet "Soul of the Ethnic Group won the Best Directing and Choreography Award of the National Dance Competition. The male group dance "Dreaming of Leleche Area" won the top awards of Artistic Creation and performance in the regional dance contest. The duet dance Contribution of Love" earned the top award of the National Ethnic Dance Competition. The trio-dance "Romance of the Herdsman obtained the First Awards in Artistic Creation and Performance in the National Ethnic Dance Competition, nominee of the 20th Century Chinese Classical Dances. The solo dance Sounds of Nature and matouqin solo performance Galloping Erdos" won the Gold Award of the nationwide l00 TV Station MTV competition. The solo dance "Frankincense" won Second Award of the National Ethnic Dance Competition and the Second Award of the National Lotus Cup Dance Competition. The song and dance ensemble has toured many countries and regions including Mongolia, Singapore, Mauritius, ROK, Japan as well as Hong Kong. Some performers were invited to the United States, the DPR Korea and Russia. Some scooped awards in international dance festivals such as those in Hungary and Bulgaria.

The ensemble's first-rate actors and actresses include Badema Qiqige, Zhao Xia, Guo Mingli and Huyage.

Address: No. 20, Yijinhuolu Dongie, Dongsheng

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