71 climbers summit mountain in Tibet

Updated: May 11, 2023 By Daqiong and Palden Nyima in Lhasa China Daily Print
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Climbers ascend Luodui Mountain, whose altitude is 6,010 meters, in Damshung county, Tibet autonomous region. [Photo/China Daily]

Seventy-one people successfully ascended the summit of Luodui Mountain, whose altitude is 6,010 meters, in Damshung county of the Tibet autonomous region recently, according to the regional sports bureau.

The climbers consisted of 43 enthusiasts from across China and senior mountain guides in the region, and 28 professional rescue workers, the bureau said. It took most of them about seven hours to make the 4.4-kilometer hike up Luodui.

Climbing the mountain was one of several activities organized as part of the region's ongoing 20th China Tibet Climbing Conference, which began on April 28 and will end on June 23. Other activities include a sports industry exchange conference, an outdoor trekking conference, a rock climbing tournament and a cross-country bicycle challenge.

Cheng Wei, a climber from Guangzhou Sports University, said it was her first time climbing the mountain with her daughter.

"I have been to Tibet a couple of times. I had the opportunity to tour Luodui Mountain, and I expected it to be an easy expedition, but it was indeed challenging," Cheng said, adding that she learned to respect and appreciate the mountain.

She also heaped praise on their mountain guide.

"I really enjoyed ascending together with my daughter and my Tibetan mountain guide," she said, adding that her daughter was able to ascend to an altitude of 5,320 meters during the trek.

"It was a very meaningful adventure in my life, and I especially appreciated the support we received from our guide. He was so professional and kind, and I received great care, encouragement and love the entire time."

Tenzin, a native Tibetan mountain guide and the manager of Makalu Adventures, a company that provides climbing and trekking services in Tibet, said five guides from his company participated in the expedition up Luodui Mountain this time, helping 12 of the climbers summit.

He said most of the guides from his company are local Tibetans who have mastered climbing and other alpine sports.

Tenzin, a 2006 graduate of the regional mountain guide school, has twice summited Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest, and has reached the peak of several other mountains in the region.

"There are a few basic requirements before every climb," he explained. "First, climbers should ensure they are in good health and in good physical condition. Second, they should adequately prepare by training and ensuring they have the right equipment, and third, they need to be mentally prepared for the adventure."

Ascending Luodui is relatively easy compared to other high mountains in the region, but climbers should still spend between 15 and 30 days preparing for the hike, he said.

Tenzin's company is one of the few private companies in Tibet offering climbing guides and alpine sports-related services with support from the regional sports bureau.

"For this climb, the regional sports bureau covered the costs of accommodation, transportation and food," he said.



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