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Jilin province promotes agricultural, rural modernization

Updated: May 11, 2023 Print
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In the core area of the Green Food Corn Standardization Base in Lishu county, Siping city, Northeast China's Jilin province, new multifunctional no-tillage seeders independently developed by local agricultural experts sow seeds in the field. This agricultural machine can complete operations such as sowing, fertilizing, and soil covering once it enters the field, reducing the number of times it enters the field and protecting the black soil. [Photo/Jilin Daily]
In Beigou village, Yushu city, staff members can use the digital platform to check the overall situation of the vegetable greenhouse in real time. [Photo/Jilin Daily]

Dongfeng county vigorously develops the Sika deer cultural tourism project to attract tourists. [Photo/Jilin Daily]

A farm of a local animal husbandry company in Nongan county. The county insists on developing the beef cattle industry, which is an effective way to drive local people to increase income and has realized the multi-terminal extension of the beef cattle industry to breeding, slaughtering, and trading. [Photo/Jilin Daily]
Shulan city has identified the white goose industry as an advantageous and characteristic industry, and a critical project for rural vitalization. The number of white geese raised has exceeded 2.32 million. More than 10 deep processing projects such as goose hot pot and foie gras have been newly introduced. [Photo/Jilin Daily]
In the greenhouse of a local ecological agriculture company in Gongzhuling city, an automatic irrigation controller is performing automatic water injection. Gongzhuling actively builds an agricultural high-tech zone, constantly gathering technology and talent resources. [Photo/Jilin Daily]


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