Alshaa League Central Hospital

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Alshaa League Central Hospital is a tertiary general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, first aid, infectious disease prevention and mental health.

The hospital covers an area of 119,900 square meters, with a building area of 34,000 square meters and a green area of 69,500 square meters. There are 22 clinical departments, nine medical technology departments and 22 management departments.

The hospital has more than 250 sets of medical equipment with over 10,000 yuan, such as 1.5t nuclear magnetic resonance, 64-slice spiral CT, digital subtraction angiography machine, automatic bacterial culture and drug sensitivity analyzer, automatic biochemical analyzer and digital imaging system DR, digital gastrointestinal X-ray machine, electronic laparoscope, electronic gastroscope, color Doppler ultrasound and carbon-13 detector.

In recent years, the construction of specialties has gradually developed. There are 28 disciplines in clinical departments, and a number of new technologies and business have developed rapidly. Many new technologies such as cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, cardiac pacemaker implantation, bone and joint replacement and blood purification have been first carried out in the League, filling many gaps in medical technology.

Cardiovascular medicine, ophthalmology, clinical laboratory and rehabilitation medicine are key specialties in the hospital, among which rehabilitation medicine integrates traditional rehabilitation physiotherapy with modern rehabilitation treatment, which is developing rapidly and is actively applying for key discipline at autonomous region level.

The hospital attaches great importance to establishing strategic cooperative relations with major hospitals inside and outside the League. It is a member unit of General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University and the People's Hospital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, a cooperative hospital of the 302nd Hospital of PLA and the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and establishes regular business relations with the People's Hospital of Ningxia Autonomous Region and Jiangsu Province Hospital.

It has joined China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Hospital Respiratory Specialist Medical Association, Western Ophthalmology Alliance, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Rheumatology Immunology Specialist Alliance, Mental Health Specialist Alliance and Tuberculosis Specialist Alliance, and established a telemedicine consultation platform with Beijing and Shanghai to provide remote diagnosis and treatment services. . It has established a cooperative relationship with Xi'an Jinyu Medical Laboratory Center, expanded more than 200 laboratory service projects, and cooperated to build Alshaa League Regional Laboratory Medicine and Pathological Diagnosis Center. In 2017, the hospital led the establishment of Alshaa League Central Hospital Medical Group.

The hospital has won many awards such as "Bearer of the March 8th Red Flag (Collective)", "National May Day Women's Model Post" and "Advanced Collective of Health Emergency in the Whole Region".

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