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Ejine's desert poplar forest enters best viewing period

Updated: Oct 19, 2022 Print
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The Populus euphratica, commonly known as the Euphrates poplar or desert poplar, is a wonderful species of tree from the willow family. It is a bushy, deciduous tree whose trunk is often twisted and crooked. It usually grows in desert oases. The best viewing period is from Oct 5 to 17. [Photo/WeChat account of Ejine Convergence Media]
Autumn brings stunning colors to the desert poplar forest in Ejine Banner, Alshaa League – located in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. This forest is one of three remaining Populus euphratica forest reserves in the world. The scenic area integrates a variety of enthralling landscapes including the Gobi desert, grasslands, lakes and forests. [Photo/WeChat account of Ejine Convergence Media]


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