Wuxi to better protect water environment with new regulation

Updated: Aug 5, 2021 Print
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Taihu Lake in Gonghuwan Wetland Park is a popular tourism destination in Wuxi. [Photo/IC]

A new regulation on the protection of the water environment in Wuxi went into effect on Aug 1 after several days of reform.

The new regulation further improves measures on the prevention, control and treatment of water pollution and the protection and restoration of water ecosystems.

It refines the management of sewage outlets and standardizes the installation and daily management of sewage outlets into the river.

It encourages the development of water balance accounting, and implements an effective balance between the amount of water pollutants produced and the amount of treatment.

It clarifies the regulations for the management of sewage treatment pipeline networks and facility construction, and requires the urban drainage pipeline network to maintain low water level operations to prevent sewage overflow during flood season.

It strengthens the management of tail water and sludge produced after centralized sewage treatment, encourages the allocation of ecological safety buffer zones, and purifies tail water in an ecological manner.

The regulation also added a new compensation system for environmental damage, stipulating that relevant government departments must pursue compensation for environmental damage to units and individuals that seriously damage the water environment.

In addition, following the new regulation, enterprises with high risks of environmental pollution such as heavy metals, as well as units that collect, store, transport, utilize, and dispose of hazardous wastes, must take out environmental pollution liability insurance in accordance with relevant national regulations.

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