Wuxi attracts more talent in H1

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Wuxi's human resources market accepted 6,752 online applications for talent introduction and settlement in the first half of this year, the local municipal human resources and social security bureau recently reported.

The number of applications increased by 14.6 percent over the same period last year. A total of 4,643 applications were approved, including 1,912 applications for certificates to settle in Wuxi before being employed, and 2,731 applications for direct settlement.

Among approved applicants, 1.25 percent had doctoral degrees, 12.49 percent had master's degrees, and 63.49 percent had undergraduate degrees. Among them, 52.34 percent were aged 20 to 29, while 38.7 percent were aged 30 to 39.

Officials said that the number of fresh college graduates made such applications continue to grow. Compared with the same period last year, the number of applicants aged 20 to 29 increased by 62.4 percent, while the average age of the applicants decreased by 1.5 years to 30.4 years old.

Wuxi released new measures for talent introduction and settlement in April 2020. College graduates who have qualified full-time undergraduate degrees or above can settle in Wuxi before getting a job or starting a business. Those with technical secondary school qualifications or above, junior or intermediate titles, or applicants who are highly-skilled can apply for direct settlement.

The friendly talent introduction and settlement policies and the efficient and convenient online application process have attracted more overseas returnees, professional and technical personnel, and highly-skilled talent.

From January to June this year, applications from 28 provinces and cities around the country were received by the local human resources market.

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