Amateur photographer puts local culture into focus

Updated: Aug 14, 2020 By Domina Yevhenia China Daily Print
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Domina Yevhenia

This is how I see Shanxi province. I have been living in Taiyuan for two years. Photography is my hobby and I would like to develop it further. Here you feel you're at a junction of technology and old China because there is both ancient and modern architecture.

Taiyuan is developing every day. But no matter how much technology comes to our lives, there are still many historical places here.

There are lots of parks with stunning views and nature. Everything is green and the scenery is breathtaking. In such places, I want to spend a lot of time and whenever I go back I take new photos.

I like to watch people go out on a picnic and enjoy their free time. I am sure that in this province there are many more interesting places that you should go to, tell people from Taiyuan about and then tell people from other provinces and countries as well.

Outdoor recreation surrounded by nature makes us peaceful, can refresh our minds and makes time with our friends and family happier.

I know many colorful places in China. But I think Shanxi really deserves the attention of tourists.

All of my photos were taken in the city of Taiyuan but can you imagine how many amazing places are outside the city? Mountains, rivers and temples-all these can be found in Shanxi province.

So much history is here and local people are always happy to share stories with you.

In many parks you can find English translations for signs, which help make trips more meaningful.

People here are distinguished by their kindness, are always ready to help and are proud to be part of that culture.

I am happy to have lived here for such a long time. It gives me an opportunity to compare life here with that in other provinces.

There are really big differences but I have found there are a lot of great people here, with the same kind of hospitality as you can experience elsewhere in China. Even though my Chinese is not so good, local people are always ready to help me, to explain what I don't understand and show me their city, their culture in best lights.

I am happy to be a part of this and hope that I can show other people Shanxi province from another angle.

The writer is a Ukrainian working for the Aobao Hills Kindergarten in Taiyuan. This page is sponsored by the Shanxi provincial government.

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