Yingze Park leaves big impression on worker

Updated: Jul 24, 2020 By Assuah Jonathan Arize China Daily Print
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Assuah Jonathan Arize [Photo/China Daily]

On the third day after my arrival in Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi province, I went to Yingze Park, the city's central park that I had heard about for a long time.

Yingze Park is located near the Great South Gate of Yingze Street in Taiyuan city. When I got out of the taxi, I could see the archway of the park. It looks magnificent.

Coming in from the north gate of the park, there were rock sculptures of different shapes in front of us. Beside them, there were all kinds of flowers. The park keepers were in a rush to open up, trying their best to show the tourists the blooms' luxury, fragrance and elegance.

I walked along the boulevard to Yingze Lake. The breeze blew ripples onto the lake and under the sunshine there were many colors on the surface, like colorful ribbons.

While I was enjoying the pleasant scenery, someone rowed across the lake, laughing and greeting people from time to time.

On the shore of the lake, there is a pavilion made of red walls and yellow tiles. It looks solemn and elegant. Under the pavilion, old people were singing and laughing, full of youthful vitality.

I continued to the south, seeing a seven-arch bridge across the lake. The bridge was crowded with happy people. When I approached the amusement park, I saw a Ferris wheel, bumper cars and a roller coaster.

Watching the tourists enjoy themselves in the park, I felt relief from the tiredness of being on the road a few days ago.

There are not only a beautiful scenery, blooming flowers, shady trees, man-made lakes, gliding boats, rock sculptures and buildings in a simple style, but also many recreational facilities for people to relax.

In addition to tourists, there are people who sing, dance, kick shuttlecock and do other colorful activities in the park to cultivate their mood and exercise.

Yingze Park is beautiful. I love it. Because I fell in love with Yingze Park, I began to fall in love with the city.

The writer is a Ghanaian citizen working and living in Taiyuan.

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