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Updated: Feb 6, 2020 Print
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Learn updated information on epidemic evolution in Jiangsu, information on designated hospitals in your city, and prevention and control guidance on the official websites of Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission ( ) and Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office ( ). 

If you are in Suzhou city, please follow the WeChat account of Suzhou Municipal People's Government by searching "suzhoufabu365 (苏州发布)", the WeChat account of "iSuzhou", or by dialing the public service hotline 12345 to obtain the latest updates of the infectious disease, information of designated hospitals for patients with the novel coronavirus, preventive measures and important notices. If you need further inquiry, please leave your comment on iSuzhou WeChat account or log on and post your questions on the homepage. 

If you are in Wuxi city, please search on the official websites of Wuxi Municipal Health Commission ( and Foreign Affairs Office of Wuxi Municipal People's Government (, follow the WeChat accounts of "wuxifabu2013" and "wuxifao".

If you are in Nantong city, please follow official WeChat Accounts "南通发布"(Nantong Update) and "南通外事" (Nantong Foreign Affairs) to know how the epidemic develops in Nantong city and Jiangsu province.

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