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Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater
武汉琴台大剧院(wǔ hàn qín tái dà jù yuàn)

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater, located by Yuehu Lake in Wuhan, is the highest-level cultural performance venue in the capital of Hubei province. Opened in 2007, the theater stages over 120 performances every year.

It has 1,802 audience seats along with 24 dressing rooms and two VIP lounges. It is equipped with a complete stage lighting and audio video system, being able to meet the various needs of different performances.

Address: 7 Zhiyin Ave, Hanyang district, Wuhan, Hubei province
Zip code: 430050
Tel: +86-27-84803018/84810888
Fax: +86-27-84803018
Public transport: Bus Nos 10, 24, 64, 42, 402, 411, 503, 507, 519, 522, 524, 536, 542 or Metro Line 6 to Qintai Station

A spectacular night view of Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater [Photo/VCG]

Hubei Theater
湖北剧院(hú běi jù yuàn)

Hubei Theater, which began operations in February 2002, was designed in 1999, applying traditional Chinese architectural elements. It has developed into a comprehensive modern theater with advanced, comprehensive equipment.

Covering a building area of 11,767 square meters, the theater is 48 meters tall, offering over 1,400 audience seats. The stages in the theater are able to undertake various kinds of large performances.

Address: 1 Xichangkou, Yuemachang, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei province
Public transport: Bus Nos 10, 61, 108, 222, 402, 411, 503, 522, 536, 905

An exterior view of Hubei Theater [Photo/VCG]

Zhongnan Theater
中南剧院(zhōng nán jù yuàn)

Located in Wuhan's Jianghan district, Zhongnan Theater is the only professional performance venue for drama in Central and South China. Opened in October 2007, the total investment in the theatre amounted to 136.36 million yuan ($19.04 million)

Covering 4705 sq m and a building area of 14,62 sq m and has six floors including one underground. It has two theatres, one able to hold 810 spectators and the other can hold 305 people.

It offers about 50 parking spaces with six underground.

Address: 1001 Jinghan Ave, Jiang'an district, Wuhan, Hubei province
Public transport: Bus Nos 622, 534, 42, 4, 533, 605, 807, 581, 808, 523, 712

Zhongnan Theatre is the only professional performance venue for drama in Central and South China. [Photo/VCG]


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