Roasted sheep (烤全羊)

Updated: Jul 15, 2019 Print
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Roasted sheep is famous for its strict selection of ingredients and unique method of cooking. The texture of Xinjiang mutton is fresh and tasty, and enjoys a good reputation in the international and domestic meat markets.

Take a whole lamb up to one year old, remove the hoofs and innards, season it by evenly spreading fine flour, salt water, eggs, turmeric, pepper and cumin powder on the skin, and then fix it to a wooden stick with iron nails. The lamb is then ready to be roasted for about an hour in a special pit.

The feast needs to be served in a dramatic way: placed on a food cart with a knife, the lamb is presented with red ribbon wrapped around its head and parsley or celery inside its mouth. Waiters will rotate the cart around the table, inviting guests to slice and take whatever part they want, whether it is the chewy ribs, the brown crispy skin or the fat and juicy legs.

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