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Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is located in the northwestern China in the Mongolian Uplands in the heart of the Eurasia Continent. It was a key link on the traditional Silk Road.

It is regarded as a land of song and dance, melons and grapes, precious stones, and carpets. Dwelling in the land for at least 2,500 years, the Xinjiang people are renowned for their honesty, kindness and open-mindedness towards outlanders. In ancient times, people of the region contributed a lot to the east-west cultural exchanges.

The history of Xinjiang can be dated back to pre-Qin period (2100-221 BC). According to archaeological records, human activities from at least six or seven thousand years ago can be observed on the land.

Travelling in Xinjiang is a brand-new experience for tourists from both home and abroad. Unlike most of the cities in China, Xinjiang borders neither oceans nor lakes. High-speed railways cross the Yardang landform linking cities in hours rather than days, and the regional capital Urumqi is a forest of high-rise apartments and glass skyscrapers; while in parts of the Silk Road oases of Kashgar, Hotan and Turpan, mosques, tea houses and the bazaars scatter around the city as it has for centuries.

Xinjiang is increasingly attracting visitors for its extraordinary natural beauty and fascinating Central Asian history and culture. In short, a visit to Xinjiang is simply a journey into some of the most sublime landscapes on earth.





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