Advantages of investing in Yunnan province

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Yunnan has witnessed a steady and rapid economic growth. With advantages in geographical location, infrastructure system, natural resources, living environment and strategic opportunities, Yunnan has broad development space and great development potential.

Firstly, Yunnan enjoys a superior location. As the geographic center of Asia, Yunnan has unique regional advantages. It leads to the coastal areas by connecting Guizhou and Guangxi in the east, reaches the Central Plains via Sichuan and Chongqing in the north, heads down south to Thailand and Cambodia through Vietnam and Laos, and interconnects with India and Pakistan by bordering Myanmar in the west.

Secondly, it has good infrastructure. By accelerating the construction of "Five Networks" -- road network, aviation network, energy network, water network and the Internet -- Yunnan aims to establish a comprehensive infrastructure system that can effectively support its development and better serve national strategies.

Thirdly, Yunnan boasts abundant natural resources. It is one of the richest provinces in China in terms of resources, ranking sixth. There are substantial reserves of such mineral resources as tin, copper, lead-zinc and phosphate. The proved reserve of coal is 24 billion tons, ranking ninth nationally. There are six famous river systems running through the province, blessing Yunnan with very abundant hydropower resources. It is also endowed with rich new energy, including wind power, solar power, geothermal energy and biomass energy.

Fourthly, Yunnan has fine environmental conditions. Boasting picturesque scenery, fresh air and a pleasant climate, the province is a famous healthcare, living and summer destination. Known as the "Kingdom of Plants", "Home of Spices", "Natural Garden" and "Treasury-house of Medical Herbs", it also possesses the largest variety of natural reserves in China.

Fifthly, Yunnan faces great strategic opportunities. Yunnan will actively seize the strategic opportunities under the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone to quicken construction of the economic and trade center facing South Asia and Southeast Asia. It will also comprehensively improve economic and trade supporting services, and better its functions as a regional business and trade center, logistics center, international aviation hub, international communication hub, e-commerce and convention center by 2020.

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