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Tarim University, originally called Tarim University of Agricultural Reclamation, was founded in 1958. it is among the first batch of universities that were entitled to award bachelor’s degrees. In 2003, it was authorized to confer master’s degrees. In May 2004, the university was renamed Tarim University under approval by the State Ministry of Education.


Tarim University has formed a multidisciplinary education system with agriculture as a dominant field, and arts, law, science, industry, economics and management as supplements. The university campus, covering 1,012 hectares, lies on the north bank of Tarim River in Alar city.

Tarim University has over 800 faculty and staff members, including over 100 full-time associate professors, and 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. It also has students in two-year programs and adult education.

The university library stores 600,000 volumes and 1,200 periodicals. Journals of Tarim is issued both at home and abroad.

The university comprises eight schools and colleges, offering 26 specialties for undergraduates and two specialties leading to master’s degrees. It has 24 laboratories, one of which is a key laboratory of the province. There are four key disciplines at provincial level and 20 bases for teaching and research.

In recent years, the university has undertaken more than 300 scientific projects, among which 30 were provincial. It has made achievements in many fields, including 55 awards for scientific and technology progress, 3,000 academic papers, and three national natural science funds.

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