Catalog of encouraged foreign investment industries in Xinjiang

Updated: Jun 19, 2019 Print
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1. Growing and refining of high-quality tomatoes and medlars

2. Industries following up national key ecological projects such as returning cultivated land to forest and grassland, and the conservation of natural forest

3. Development and application of water-saving irrigation technology

4. Beet sugar production and comprehensive utilization of byproducts

5. Growing and processing of natural perfume and edible fungus

6. Construction of base of quality winemaking grape and making of fine grape wine

7. Fine processing of cotton seed, sunflower seed and sunflower oil

8. Growing of flax and production of fl ax products

9. Upgrading of high class cotton and wool products

10. Exploration and exploitation of nonferrous mines such as copper, lead, zinc and nickel

11. Multi-purpose development of nonmetal minerals such as vermiculite, nitratine, mica, asbestos and bentonite

12. Development of technology for processing coal and production of coal products

13. Manufacturing of high class leather products

14. Development of end product of ethene and development of fine chemical products

15. Production and development of natural gas end products

16. Growing and processing of Uygur medicines and development of new technology of pharmacy

17. Development of bio-drug with internal institutions of cattle as raw materials

18. Production of goods, artistic articles, materials of packing container and glass articles of daily use for local ethnic minorities

19. Construction and management of urban gas and heat supply pipes, water supply and drainage pipes (holding by Chinese side in large and medium-sized cities)

20. Development, conservation and management of scenic areas (spots)

21. Highway passenger transport

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