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A train run through buildings at Liziba Station on Chongqing's Metro Line 2. [Photo/IC]

Wherever you are stay in Chongqing, there is most likely a subway station is near you. Best of all, they start at the cheap price of 2 yuan.

The metro consists of 10 lines, with some light rail in the air, some lines through buildings, and others going even 95 meters deep underground, which has become a must-see site for tourists. The operation hours are from 6:30 to 22:30. Here are some of the themed lines:

Line 1 links 23 stops from Xiaoshizi (小什字) to Jiandingpo (尖顶坡). The guava red themed metro line was designed to showcase Chongqing's folk culture, old stories, and the city's spirit of passion and optimism.

Line 2 runs from Jiaochangkou (较场口) in Jiefangbei CBD, Yuzhong (鱼洞) district to Yudong in southern Ba'nan district, connecting 25 stops in total. The forest green themed metro line tells the city's history and culture with 36 paintings and sculptures. The famous Liziba Station, which is built within residence buildings, is on this very line.

Line 3, the most popular line in Chongqing's metro system, consists of 45 stations from Yudong in the south to Jurenba (举人坝) in the north. It includes Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Chongqing North Railway Station. The glaze blue themed metro line is designed to feature scenes of everyday life scenarios for locals and old memories echoing the city's past. Prepare yourself for crowds at the Guanyinqiao (观音桥) and Hongqihegou (红旗河沟) stops, especially during rush hours.

Line 6, 60 meters underground, runs from Chayuan (茶园), Nan'an district in the south to Beibei (北碚), Beibei district in the north. The light pink themed metro line is all about Chongqing's scenic areas, passing by Dazu Rock Carvings, Black Valley, Little Three Gorges, and Wulong Karst.

Line 3 is the most popular route, especially at Guanyinqiao and Hongqihegou stations. Prepare for it to be jam-packed with people during rush hours.

Tickets: Chongqing Metro offers IC cards and one-way tickets, accepting payment with cash, Alipay or WeChat. A one-way ticket is valid within three hours of purchase. If you get lost, you can find a manned booth for help before reaching your destination.


A waiting area for taxis in Guanyinqiao CBD, Jiangbei district, Chongqing [Photo/IC]

It's easy to hail a taxi in Chongqing. The taxi charge for the first three kilometers is 10 yuan and 2 yuan for every kilometer thereafter. Rides taken at will charge a slightly higher rate.

For example, taking a taxi from Jiangbei International Airport to Guanyinqiao CBD, a 24 kilometers trip, will cost 46 yuan during the day and 56 yuan at night.



Locals get on a new energy bus in Chongqing. [Photo/IC]

Bus stations are easy to locate in Chongqing, as long as you know the Chinese pinyin of your destinations. The LED screens at bus stations not only mark the interchange stops for metro lines, but also tells you when the next shuttle is coming.

For visitors that don't know Chinese pinyin, you can ask locals for help or use Google Maps provided that your phone has a functional VPN.

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