Guide to opening international schools for children of foreigners living in Harbin

Updated: Jun 17, 2019 Print
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A specific guide for applications to open international schools for children of foreigners living in Harbin has been launched, showing applicants how to go through the procedures at the education bureau of Harbin.

Harbin allows the opening of international schools for children of foreigners living in the city. [Photo/VCG]

Application requirement:

1.The sponsors shall be foreigners residing in China legally or foreign institutions, foreign-capital enterprises and international organizations established legally in China
2.It shall be providing education limited to secondary (including ordinary middle schools) and below
3.The quantity of students is substantially present and schools are required for them (the enrollment targets are children of foreign nationals holding residence certificates in China, children of Chinese citizens in China shall not be enrolled)
4.There are teachers who can meet the needs of teaching on the campus
5.There are necessary sites, facilities and other conditions for running a school
6.There will be necessary funds and stable sources of funds for running the school

Application materials:

1.A application form for establishing an international school, with contents including the purpose of running the school, enrollment plan, enrollment area, and the scale of running the school. (original copy)

2.A school constitution (original copy)

3.The documentary evidence of applicants (original copy)

4.The name list of the school principal, members of the board of directors and their qualification documents (original copy)

5.Facilities, funds, buildings, sites, sources of funds and relevant supporting documents of the school (original copy)

6.The documents of source of teachers (original copy)

Application procedures:

1.The applicant shall submit the application materials for running a school

2.According to the specific requirements for the integrity and authenticity of application materials, the staff shall review and make corresponding disposal

3.Relevant responsible personnel shall examine the materials submitted by the applicant and conduct on-the-spot exploration for the school premises

4.A school running license shall be issued to the licensee within one day after the administrative licensing decision is made.

The education bureau of Harbin

Address: 181 Zhongshan Rd, Nangang district, Harbin, Heilongjiang province
Office hours: 8:30--11:30, 13:30--16:30 (weekdays)
Tel: +86-451-87153333-1278

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