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People can apply for ordinary passports, exit-entry permit for traveling to and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan at Wuhan Citizen Home. [Photo/]

A series of 10 measures to reform exit and entry management were put into operation in Wuhan March 1, the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau said on Feb 27.

These new measures were aimed at offering convenience to the public and providing easier access to travel permits for both Chinese citizens and foreigners.

1. Residents of the Chinese mainland no longer need to submit admission letters of higher education institutions in Macao when applying for approval to study there. From 2019, Chinese mainland residents can apply for permits to study in Macao with their confirmation letters at any of the exit and administration departments in Wuhan.

2. Proof of affiliation is not required when Chinese mainland residents applying for permits to visit the same relative (except their spouses and close relatives) in Hong Kong or Macao for a second time from 2019.

3. An urgent certification service is available for residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao who have no valid certifications but need to cross the border for emergency reasons. They are able to enjoy the equivalent treatment to mainland residents and overseas Chinese to get urgent services in conditions such as attending funerals, treating severe diseases, visiting critically ill patients, handling overseas emergencies, attending emergency meetings, negotiations or contract signing overseas, approaching school’s register dates or losing or damaging certifications before departure.

4. Some application materials are no longer needed when foreigners apply for certain types of visas and extensions of residence permits. For those applying for M Visa, Q2 Visa, S2 Visa and extension of a residence permit for reunions, proof of family relations and kinship are not needed if their receivers, people to visit or consignors are the same people as on previous visits.

If the host organizations are the same as on previous visits, legal registration certificates of the organizations are no longer required for those applying for F Visa, R Visa, X2 Visa, M Visa and extension of a residence permit for work and study.

5. Applicants for cancelling household registrations can finish the process at the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau with the original copy of their residence booklets, identity cards, foreign passports and certificates of permanent residence in a foreign country or certificate of naturalization without submitting copies of these materials.

6. Self-service certificates receiving services are available on Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm except national holidays from March 1, 2019. People applying for ordinary passports, and exit-entry permits for traveling to and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan at Wuhan Citizen Home (Address: 117 Jinqiao Ave, Jiang’an district, Wuhan) can receive their certificates on Saturdays.

7. Self-service record inquiring of immigration and customs clearance for personal reasons has been launched. Chinese citizens, apart from residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, can inquire and print personal immigration and customs clearance records since 2007 on the inquiry machine at Wuhan Citizen Home with their own identity cards.

8. From March 1, 2019, companies applying for business registration and filing in Hong Kong and Macao can declare their materials online and these will go through background approval and verification of the original.

9. The exit and entry services of companies employing foreign employees can be managed online without going to the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau. Companies with over 10 foreign workers on record can apply for registration for temporary accommodation for foreign employees and their families without going to local police stations

10. High-level foreign talents can submit application materials for permanent residence online.

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