Baijifeng National Forest Park

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Baijifeng National Forest Park attracts numerous tourists. [Photo/]

Baijifeng (White Chicken Peak) National Forest Park is 20 kilometers away from the Tonghua city's urban area, with an altitude of 1,328 meters, covering the total area of 1,041 hectares, and the forest coverage rate of 98.7 percent.

It is about 30 km away from Tonghua Railway Station and Tonghua Passenger Station (the old one) and 29.5 km away from Tonghua New Station.

Jilin Baijifeng National Forest Park is rich in plant resources, and most of its vegetation is a mixed broadleaf-conifer forest. The main tree species in the park are redwood, spruce, oak and birch, as well as rare tree species such as yew, rowan, and black locust. There are more than 160 kinds of plants such as wild ginseng and asarum under the crown canopy.


The gorgeous autumn landscape of Baijifeng National Forest Park [Photo/IC]

Meanwhile, there are 32 kinds of state protected animals, including manchurian tiger, lion, sable and golden eagle, monkey, lynx, black bear, sika deer, otter, as well as mandarin duck. Other animals include wild boar, roe deer, raccoon dog, peacock, pheasant, and pit viper.

According to legend, thousands of years ago, meteorites beyond the galaxy dropped on the two peaks of the park, which are hard and as white as snow. The two peaks are like chickens and therefore called White Chicken Peak. The main scenes include two waterfalls, Bangchui Peak, as well as White Chicken Peak.

Address: southeast of Dongchang district, Tonghua, Jilin province

Ticket price: 20 yuan ($2.9) a person

Opening hours: 6:30 to 18:30 (May to November)

Tourist Bus and Bus: take Route 1, 3, 6, 19, and 33 at Tonghua Railway Station to reach the gate of New Station, and change to take Route 4 (the earliest bus departs at 7:40 and returns at 15:00) to reach the gate of Baijifeng National Forest Park

Self-driving: Tonghua Railway Station - Xinhua Street - Jiangnan New Area - Jinchang town - Shanglongtou village - Baijifeng National Forest Park

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