Muqing Valley Scenic Spot

Updated: May 31, 2019 Print
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Muqing Valley Scenic Spot [Photo/]

Located in Yitong Manchu autonomous county in Jilin province, Muqing Valley Scenic Spot is a high-level tourist attraction based around Shaman culture that integrates northern folk culture, ecological tourism, leisure, dining and entertainment.

Taking up two million square meters, the main attractions of the area include Shaman Style Park, Jiuqing Park and Qicai Valley. Shaman Style Park is a Shaman culture exhibition center with rich contents.

The scenic spot has also designed and produced more than 300 varieties of tourist souvenirs with Shaman cultural characteristics or folk culture characteristics of the seven ethnic minorities in Northeast China which are popular among tourists.

Address: Yitong Manchu autonomous county, Siping, Jilin province

Ticket price: 30 yuan ($4.34) per person; Shamanic ritual performances: 30 yuan per person

Opening hours: 6:30 to 22:00

Tel: +86-434-4457084

Tourist Bus and Bus: take any vehicle at Yitong county urban area running eastward for 11 kilometers (Dongjiatun, Xinsi Village, Yitong Town); the earliest bus departs at 6:00 and the latest bus ends at 17:00 (3 yuan a person)

By car: drive along Changchun-Yingchengzi Speedway to Yitong exit, drive 200 meters, turn left and continue for six km, passing Heidatun and Dongjiatun to reach Muqing Valley Scenic Spot

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