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China Shanghai International Arts Festival(CSIAF)

China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF), hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and organized by Shanghai Municipal People's Government, is the only state-level arts festival in China. Established in 1999, the annual CSIAF has grown into a significant platform for cultural exchange and one of the leading arts festivals in the world.

Shanghai Spring International Music Festival

SSIMF is the festival with the longest history in China. It is the culture mark of Shanghai music and dance culture. In the beginning, it initially comes from "Shanghai music dance exhibition month" of 1959. In May, 1960, it formally came on the history stage with the name "Shanghai Spring".

World Travel Fair 

Shanghai World Travel Fair, the leading travel expo in China staged annually in Shanghai and co-hosted by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and VNU Exhibitions Europe, is a vibrant must attend event showcasing a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to China's most dynamic markets. It is a unique opportunity for the global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business, plus an effective platform for consumer marketing. In 2017 , the fair gathered more than 49,800 visitors and over 750 exhibitors globally. 

China International Rehabilitation without Barriers Expo 

In China, the deserving cause to benefit the disabled persons and the elders is moving forward fast and the living standard of these two groups of individuals keeps on improving. While the demand for assistive devices and medical rehabilitation equipment is very strong, users now put more emphasis on quality and practicality.

Shanghai International Healthy Lifestyle & Rehabilitation without Barriers Expo 2016 organized by Shanghai Disabled Persons' Federation in cooperation with Ningbo Disabled Persons' Federation,  Suzhou Disabled Persons' Federation and Yanbian Prefecture Disabled Persons' Federation will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on May 5-7-29, 2017.

Shanghai Tourism Festival

Since 1990, Shanghai Tourism Festival has been held for more than twenty times. The activities start from the first Saturday in every September, last for more than twenty days, cover several major categories and nearly forty programs, including sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, recreation, sports, exhibition,exquisite food and shopping, and attract more than 8 million person-times each year. Shanghai Tourism Festival sincerely welcomes all new and old friends and guests from both China and foreign countries. Let's get together in Shanghai to enjoy the grand festive occasion and experience colorful life in autumn.

Shanghai Art Fair

Shanghai Art Fair 2013 (17th), as Aisa's celebrated art exchange with long history and high internationalization degree, will be grandly held from Nov.14-17 at ShanghaiMART, continuing the scale as before, presenting domestic and overseas collectors a gorgeous art event in Shanghai as well.  

Shanghai Art Fair, established in 1997, has been successfully held under the support of Saulterretimized art event, which not only bridged the gap between worldwide and Shanghai, public and art, but also shaped a paradigm for the domestic art fairs.


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