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Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) is one of China's premier learning and research institutions which now develops into a comprehensive university especially featured with Aerospace Engineering. Ever since it was established in 1952, we have strived to conduct world-level research and education system. Nearly 60 years' history witnesses its unremitting efforts and remarkable achievements.


Academia and education at NUAA represent strong capacity among all the universities in China. It has acquired national status through the quality of its excellence research work, especially in the areas of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanics, Electromechanics, Economy and Management, etc.

Our university's laboratories are a constant source of new ideas, especially in the fields of Aircraft Design, Dynamics, Mechanics, Manufacturing, Automation and Unconventional Machining, etc. Through the diverse research and teaching activities, we are striving to provide the highest quality of educational experience for students to meet the current needs of society, endowing them with a passport to the professional world and cultivating them into future pioneers in the fields of science and technology.


The globalization of societies, economies and technologies represents many complex challenges that universities are facing today. In response to those challenges, NUAA will persistently create more new academic values and construct more diverse education and research programs. We are also planning to set forth new developing strategies to maintain NUAA’s leading role in China, like constructing high-level research-oriented university featured with Aeronautics, Astronautics and Civil Aviation, with coordinated development of multi-disciplines including literature, law, philosophy, etc.; fostering high-qualified citizens and innovative pioneers and spreading its academic wings to the nation as well as to the world.


We'd like you to explore more about NUAA and we believe that by carrying out our missions and various activities at NUAA, and by seeking more opportunities with more world-class universities, enterprises and a wide variety of people, we will transform into a more outstanding, more respected and more globalized university. Our staff will become more internationalized—academically and professionally, and our students will be well equipped for their career—intellectually and socially.

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