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Wenquan Goose

Updated: Apr 29, 2019 Print
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Wenquan Goose [Photo/]

Wenquan goose comes from the coastal area around the Wanquan river near Qionghai where local villagers raise local hybrid species. The geese first have a "skeleton" period when they range freely in the countryside and feed on a hundred or more types of grass found there.

Next comes the "fattening phase" when the geese are placed in a basket and fed on bran and silage. The geese's distinct characteristics are rich and plentiful nourishment from its meat which is fat but not greasy. It has a light taste and a delicious savory flavor.

Its meat is rich in protein as well as iron, calcium, zinc, copper and other trace elements useful to the human body. Many of these boost the immune system and help guard against diseases.


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