Mo'erdaoga National Forest Park

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Clouds shroud a mountain range at Mo'erdaoga National Forest Park. [Photo/]

Mo'erdaoga National Forest Park is the first park of its kind in the Greater Hinggan Mountains region to receive approval from the National Park Administration.

The park, located in Inner Mongolia autonomous region first opened in August 2000 and became a 4A-level tourist attraction in 2013.

In the Mongolian language, "mo'erdaoga" means riding a horse into battle. The park is located in Ergune, Hulunbuir and covers an area of 455,000 hectares with a forest coverage ratio of 94.97 percent. It is the northernmost forest park in China and has the longest tourism routes and most abundant ecological systems.

Situated south of Hulunbuir Grassland and north of the Ergune River –– a river which runs across the border between China and Russia, the park boasts fantastic natural scenery and has a well-preserved coniferous forest landscape.

Visitors to the forest can enjoy the colorful leaves each autumn which give the park a whole new appearance, attracting photographers from home and abroad.

As well as the natural scenery, visitors to the area can also enjoy several cultural attractions, including the 100-year-old village of Taipingchuan, where many ethnic Russians live.


Entrance to Mo'erdaoga National Forest Park [Photo/]


A sightseeing train pictured in the park. [Photo/]

 Scenic Spot level: AAAA

Opening hours: 8:30-12:00; 14:30-17:30 (closed on weekends)

                          The park is open from May to October.

Recommended duration for a visit: more than three hours

Tel: 86-470-2963410

Address: Mo'erdaoga town, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

Tips: Visitors are recommended pack their own food.

         Renting a car is necessary.

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