Genheyuan National Wetland Park

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Genheyuan National Wetland Park [Photo/]

Genheyuan National Wetland Park is located on the northern slopes of the Greater Hinggan Mountains in the county-level city of Genhe, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Integrating sightseeing, catering, business receptions and scientific adventures, it's an ideal place to get in touch with nature.

The park is 5 kilometers east of downtown Genhe and covers 59,060 hectares with a wetland coverage ratio of 34.36%. Boasting multiple ecological systems, including forest, wetland and lake, the park is well protected and home to numerous waterfowl, as well as primitive vegetation such as larix gmelinii and betula platyphylla .

Genhe River is the main water body passing through the park. The river is one of the largest tributaries of the Ergun River, which maintains the ecological environment of Hulunbuir Grassland.

The park is reputed to be a “natural museum of wetland” and was upgraded into a national 4A-level tourist attraction July 29, 2015.


Flowers in full bloom at the Genheyuan National Wetland Park [Photo/]

Developed as a tourist attraction in 2014, the park offers many interesting entertainment events, such as snowmobile driving, drifting and hiking. Visitors can also see reindeer there. In particular, the first professional camping base for self-driving visitors in the region was built in the park, making it an ideal destination for self-driving tourism.



Visitors drive snowmobiles at the park. [Photo/]

Scenic Spot level: AAAA

Recommended duration for a visit: three hours

Ticket price: 80 yuan ($12)

Tel: +86-470-5290955

Address: 7 km northeast of Genhe, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

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