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Pingtan launches new service to offer convenience for passengers

Updated: Apr 9, 2019 Print
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A passenger surnamed Liu goes through face information and fingerprint collection in Pingtan before clearing customs. [Photo from Wechat account of pttimes]

Pingtan exit and entry frontier inspection station started a one-stop service system April 1, allowing passengers using self-service outbound customs clearance to record their information on the spot.

The system integrates five functions: recording passengers information through certificate handling, information collecting, customs clearance, inquiring and printing.

Being the second place in Fujian province to adopt this system after Xiamen, Pingtan has remarkably improved the efficiency of passenger clearance.

"This move will save more time and effort," said a passenger surnamed Liu. "After face information and fingerprint collection, I can go directly through the self-service outbound customs clearance without wasting time waiting with other people."

Before the launch of this service, passengers who wanted to use self-service outbound customs clearance needed to go to local exit and entry bureaus to apply for records and go through the process of collecting the required collection.

A total of 287 passengers have benefited from the new service since the trial operation in March.


More improvements will be launched in Pingtan to enable passengers to clear customs more quickly. [Photo from Wechat account of pttimes]

"One of the conveniences of the service is that the information recorded in one place can be shared nationwide," said Wu Jun, a staff member from Pingtan Exit-Entry Bureau. "Once passengers record their information in Pingtan, they can go through all ports supporting self-service outbound customs clearance in China."

Wu added that many passengers from north Fujian province have chosen Pingtan to do exit and entry due to the convenience.

From April, the number of direct shipping routes between Pingtan and Taiwan has increased from seven per week to nine per week, while six will be conducted by Haixia and three by Lina.

Pingtan exit and entry frontier inspection station is expected to carry out more improvements, such as launching telephone reservations for information records, to enable passengers top clear customs more quickly.


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