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Circular high-speed line

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Hainan boasts the world's first circular high-speed rail line. Passengers can tour around the entire province in just three hours and 10 minutes.

The 653-kilometer rail line connects Haikou in the north to Sanya in the south, with bullet trains running along both the east and west coasts of the island traveling at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

East Line

A photo taken on Jan 19, 2017 shows a bullet train running on the eastern track over fertile farmland near Qionghai city, South China's Hainan province. [Photo/IC]

Say goodbye to exhausting hours spent on a crowded bus and board the East Line from Haikou to Sanya. It will be a fascinating journey taking in some of the best scenery on the island's east coast.

Stations on the East Line include Haikou, Haikou East, Meilan International Airport, Wenchang, Qionghai, Bo'ao, Hele, Wanning, Shenzhou, Lingshui, Yalong Bay and Sanya.

Haikou Station 海口站
Key words: Ancient customs, traditional culture and coconut trees
Recommended destinations: Qilou Old Street (骑楼老街), Evergreen Park (万绿园), Holiday Beach (假日海滩), Volcano Park (火山群世界地质公园), Movie Town (电影小镇) and Mission Hills Hot Springs (观澜湖度假区)

Wenchang Station 文昌站
Key words: Grotesque rocks, delicious specialties and aerospace industry
Recommended destinations: Dongjiao Coconut Forest (东郊椰林), Moon Bay (月亮湾), Tonggu Hill (铜鼓岭), Space City (太空城) and Confucius Temple (文昌孔庙)

Qionghai and Bo'ao Stations 琼海,博鳌站
Key words: Bo'ao Forum, golf, seafood and fishing villages
Recommended destinations: Bo'ao Town (博鳌小镇), Tanmen Port (潭门港), Guantang Hot Spring (官塘温泉) and Yudai Beach (玉带滩)

Wanning Station 万宁站
Key words: Longevity village, top surfing destination, and overseas Chinese
Recommended destinations: Shimei Bay (石梅湾), Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden (兴隆植物园), Riyue Bay (日月湾) and Dongshan Peak (东山岭)

Shenzhou Station 神州站
Key words: Peninsula, luxury hotels and golf tournaments
Recommended destinations: Shenzhou Dunes Golf Club, Shelton Hotel, and Red Forest Wetland (红树林湿地)

Lingshui Station 陵水站
Key words: Nature paradise, wildlife and ethnic cultures
Recommended destinations: Boundary Island (分界洲岛), Perfume Bay (香水湾), South Bay Monkey Island (南湾猴岛) and Coconut Ancient Village (椰田古镇)

Sanya Station 三亚站
Key words: "China's Florida" and duty-free shopping
Recommended destinations: Wuzhizhou Island (蜈支洲岛), Yalong Bay (亚龙湾), Nanshan Mountain (南山) and Dongtian Park (天涯海角)

Tourists can visit a traditional fishing village in Tanmen, Qionghai, surf on Hainan's warm waves at Riyue Bay, Wanning, swim with shoals of colorful tropical fish while diving off of Boundary Island, and head for Betel Nut Valley in Sanya to get a glimpse into the traditional life of the mysterious Li and Miao peoples.

At Sanya Station, passengers can change to the West Line.

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